Russell Stevenson

Family Man - Elite Athlete - Industry Rep - Race Promoter - Dad


Home Town - Seattle, WA

Lving in - Seattle, WA

Family - Loving lady Nikole and Jr Nils

Age - 38

Years racing - 23+

Race category - Pro, Elite, 1, Master... depends on the race

Lycra or Baggy's? - Mostly Spandex, depends on the bike I'm throwing my leg over

Favorie ride? - Peaches trail back home in the Cascades

Favorite Road Race? - San Francisco GP

Favorite MTB Race? - Toss up between BC Bike Race and Test of Metal, both in BC Canada

Favorite Cross Race? - Winning a World Champ for sue but the Portland USGP's were always epic

26 , 27.5 or 29"? - 29 rand 27.5 all the way.

Hardtail or Dually? - Squishy 

Beer or wine? - BEER! A refreshing Pils

Gluten Free? - Try to be but I get down with a worthy loaf of bread and pasta like the rest of us



I have been on a bike as long as I can remember. As a kid, bikes were my wings- they gave me freedom to explore. I began racing on the road at the age of 15. Over the years I rose to professional ranks in Road, MTB and Cyclocross. I spent 4 years racing the domestic USPRO NRC road calendar, enjoying the opportunity to ride with many of our sports’ top international raodies. These days I can enjoy the balance of life and sport so many athletes seek. My careeer is diverse, reaching into all aspects of bike racing. My most recent successes are two National and a World Cyclocross title. Now I feel drawn to the rise of MTB Enduro! Competition has taken me around the world both on and off-road. I’m truly one of the lucky ones to be able to call my passion my career and to be supoported in so many ways. Bike racing is in my Pedigree.